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About Us

A Little History

Until recently, florists monopolized the creation of professional looking flower arrangements. This flower arranging skill developed from years of experience and practice.

Today, anyone can make great looking floral arrangements with a simple and easy to use tool called the Bouqube.

... And the Bouqube

The Bouqube is a newly patented floral arranging tool that can help you create almost any kind of arrangement including vases, wreathes, table-top, etc. The best part is, you do not need any floral experience! Simply place the Bouqube in your container and start arranging—it’s that easy!

And Now ...

With the Bouqube, you can make topiaries, hanging arrangements and much, much more. Now you can create arrangements for your house, office, friends and family! The Bouqube is so versatile that you will want to use it every day.

*Bouqube is a patented product
*Bouqube is a registered trademark

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