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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the frequently asked questions aid below. Feel free to submit your own questions too.

Question:  Is the Bouqube reusable?

Answer:  The reusable Bouqube can be used over and over again for all sorts of fun and exciting projects. The disposable Bouqube is less durable but just as fun to use!

Question:  What colors does the Bouqube come in?

Answer:  It is currently available in white and green with more colors to come!

Question:  Can children use the Bouqube?

Answer:  The Bouqube can be used by children ages 5 and up. Adult supervision is recommended.

Question:  Does the Bouqube work with or without foam?

Answer:  Yes, whether you use the disposable or reusable Bouqube you can create custom arrangements in vases, on wreathes, on swags, etc. using fresh floral foam, dry floral foam or simply attaching the Bouqube without foam to a container, wreath or swag.

Question:  What size Bouqubes are available?

Answer:  Currently we offer a medium size Bouqube. Soon we will be introducing several sizes and shapes.

Question:  How does the Bouqube connect to the container?

Answer:  There are many ways to connect the Bouqube to your container. The Bouqube can be taped to a vase, wired to a wreath or swag, or even set on top of foam in a basket. It all depends on your arrangement. There are so many ways to create with the Bouqube!

Question:  How do I setup a retail or wholesale account with Bouqube Inc?

Answer:  Contact Customer Service at CustomerService@BouqubeInc.com

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